The summer has been a very productive time for planning new projects. Gerard Logan and I have just started work on a dramatisation of E. F. Benson’s ghost stories called “Night Terrors”. Although Benson is famous for his Mapp and Lucia humorous stories he was also a master of the macabre. This is one we’ll be taking to Edinburgh next year!

I have just finished writing a four-handed play about the once famous, but now almost forgotten critic James Agate. It’s called “The Critical Moment” and reveals all sorts of astonishing facts about an amazing life. I hope it’s also very funny.

Having got George Simenon’s  50th Maigret novel recorded for Audible, Paul Kent my producer and I are now on the downward slope towards the full 65, and loving every moment. The mammoth Dunction Trilogy by David Horwood  that I recorded earlier in the year is getting great listener reviews and the diary is full of recording dates for new audiobooks.

A one-off return to the stage in late October sees a rival of Stephen Davies’ intriguing play Dr. Prospero at Mortlake Church where John Dee, the Elizabethan magus and Shakespeare’s inspiration for The Tempest is buried.