May finds me off to Alberta, Canada, working for Trinity College London and helping to get time to explore the Rockies a bit. Back here the tour of ‘Clown in the Moon‘ continues its very successful tour, with Rhodri Miles getting excellent audiences and press wherever he takes our show.┬áNext year Rhodri will take over the role of Shylock in my play of that name, and already the 2019 tour is booking really well.

Working with the students at BADA (The British American Drama Academy) this spring has been a real pleasure. Ten students worked up their own short solo piece of theatre and it was great to witness their invention and courage over the weeks we worked together.

There has been some sadness too. Roger Llewellyn who I directed in two solo plays about Sherlock Holmes has died. He was a thorough professional and a fine actor – not to mention a very long standing friend. RIP Roger.