As you’re visiting this site may I just hope that you’re safe and well wherever you are?

Like most people involved in live and recorded media nearly all my projects have been cancelled, postponed or rescheduled for the foreseeable future which is of course very concerning and sad for all of us. However there are artists out there much more disadvantaged and I have huge empathy and respect for them in these difficult times.

It has been possible to start work on the early stages of a new solo show with Gerard Logan, who I have collaborated with so rewardingly for many years. His performance of Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece, as Oscar Wilde in Wilde Without the Boy and The Ballad Of Reading Gaol and most recently as the Storyteller in Night Terrors – the Supernatural tales of E.F. Benson have been hugely successful so a sequel to this last piece is already in (socially-distanced!) rehearsal. This time we are using one story each from three acknowledged masters of the genre – M. R. James, Henry James and E. F. Benson again – in a programme called Hauntings. In a spirit of optimism we are planning to take both ghost story pieces to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2021 as well as regional touring before and after.

Trinity College London has had to suspend most of its examining programme in Speech and Drama especially overseas – so my globetrotting wings have been clipped for the time being. Similarly the work of PPAD assessment  and monitoring is mostly on hold as drama students continue to prepare for their professional lives on virtual platforms.

It looks as if technology will come to the rescue of my audio recordings of George Simenon’s Maigret novels. With most studios closed I will be attempting to record from home, as so many of my more tech. savie colleagues have been doing for years.

The Mousetrap tour which I have directed for the  past two years is hoping for a revival before the end of this year which would be wonderful news for all the great cast and crew involved.

So it fingers not just crossed but fingers plaited…for everyone involved in the arts!